2016 Summer Rhythm Renewal

2014 Summer Rhythm Renewal

4 Phenomenal Days of Rhythmic Bliss

What to bring

Bring everything you'll need for the duration of your stay. In packing for your stay at the Renewal bring a light jacket as it sometimes gets chilly in the evening. There is air conditioning in the Christian Hall dorm. You may feel free to bring a fan as well. Bring extra clothes, we tend to sweat!

Other items to consider:
Ear plugs, comfortable mattress pad, alarm clock, toiletries, a camera and a pen and paper for names and addresses, memories, and rhythms! Water Bottle(s), 
, Comfortable clothing
, comfortable walking shoes, recording device, journal
 paper notebook, drums, percussion (we also have drums for you to borrow).

Recording devices are generally ok with most faculty during classes.
A good rule of thumb is to ask the teacher first before taping something.

For any last minute items you require or may have forgotten there is a general store nearby in Loretto called Smithmyers. 


  • Worries
  • Weapons of any kind 

  • Fireworks 

  • Illegal substances 

  • Vending is not permitted 

  • Pets
  • Alcohol is permitted but discouraged